The Benefits of Rear Shock Extensions: A Must for Lifted VWs

The Benefits of Rear Shock Extensions: A Must for Lifted VWs

Overlanding and off-roading activities provide exhilarating adventures, but they demand a vehicle capable of tackling challenging terrains. Lifting your SUV not only enhances its aesthetics, giving it a rugged look but also offers several functional advantages. It improves ground clearance, allowing you to overcome obstacles such as rocks and logs easily. Moreover, it increases the approach and departure angles, making it easier for the vehicle to move in and out of steep slopes without damaging the bodywork. However, there are certain must-have additions for any lifted VW. Read on and discover the benefits of rear shock extensions.

What Are Rear Shock Extensions?

Rear shock extensions are specialized automotive components designed to adjust the mounting position of shock absorbers in lifted vehicles. These extensions work by effectively lengthening the shock absorber without altering its original design or performance characteristics. This allows for the proper functioning of the shock absorber even after the vehicle's height has been increased. Without these extensions, a lift could lead to a situation where the shock absorbers cannot fully extend or compress, potentially damaging the shocks and diminishing the handling and ride comfort of the vehicle.

How Rear Shock Extensions Boost Off-Road Performance

Of course, the benefits of rear shock extensions for your lifted VW extend far beyond protecting your car’s suspension. Rear shock extensions significantly enhance off-road performance by maintaining optimal suspension travel in lifted vehicles. With a higher ground clearance, an SUV can easily navigate over rocks, logs, and other obstacles commonly encountered during off-road adventures. However, this increased height also means that the vehicle's shock absorbers need to work over a longer range of motion.

By extending the length of the shock absorbers, rear shock extensions ensure that these critical components can continue to absorb road shocks effectively, providing a smoother ride even on rough terrains. Furthermore, they help maintain the vehicle's stability and prevent it from tipping over during sharp turns or when traversing steep slopes. Thus, rear shock extensions play an essential role in achieving the perfect balance between a vehicle's increased height and its overall off-road performance.

Why VWs Are Ideal Overlanding Vehicles

Volkswagen SUVs have consistently proven to be ideal for overlanding activities, thanks to their durable and modifiable car platform. These vehicles come with a flexible platform that allows for various upgrades and modifications. Overlanders often fit their VW SUVs with lift kits, overlanding tires, and wheel spacers to enhance performance and adaptability in diverse terrains. Naturally, most VW SUVs are highly receptive to lift kits and consequently, rear shock extensions!

Whether you are a seasoned overlander or just starting your journey, it’s worth knowing about the many benefits of these modifications. To ensure better off-roading experiences for you and your passengers, please browse our selection of superior modifications and tools at B2BFAB. We proudly carry a lift kit for VW Atlas and other VW SUVs!