B2BFAB Tiguan (2018+) Camber Correcting Lift Kit
B2BFAB Tiguan (2018+) Camber Correcting Lift Kit
B2BFAB Tiguan (2018+) Camber Correcting Lift Kit
B2BFAB Tiguan (2018+) Camber Correcting Lift Kit
B2BFAB Tiguan (2018+) Camber Correcting Lift Kit
B2BFAB Tiguan (2018+) Camber Correcting Lift Kit
B2BFAB Tiguan (2018+) Camber Correcting Lift Kit
B2BFAB Tiguan (2018+) Camber Correcting Lift Kit

B2BFAB Tiguan (2018+) Camber Correcting Lift Kit

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Just facts - The B2BFAB Camber Correcting Lift Kit is the only kit on the market for your Tiguan that provides the 1.5" lift you want without sacrificing handling or proper alignment specifications!

The Overview: The owners of B2BFAB developed the first lift kit for the MQB platform in 2016. (MQB platform = shared chassis that Atlas, Tiguan, Alltrack, Taos, Golf, Jetta, Audi A3, Q3, etc are produced on.) The original design was simple, and many companies began to produce duplicates, all the while we stayed focused on solving its inherent shortcomings. After 5 years, numerous prototypes, and countless hours of time and testing, we are proud to introduce our kit that remedies the issue plaguing every other MQB lift kit on the market. We introduce the B2BFAB MQB Camber Correcting Lift Kit!

The Problem: For the MQB platform and the majority of road going vehicles a small amount of negative camber is dialed into the front and rear suspension to offer proper handling. When a MQB platform vehicle is lifted with a traditional lift kit, the negative camber of the front wheels is reduced or removed. With no camber adjustment present on the front suspension components, zero camber or even positive camber is unavoidable. 

"Why do I care?", you might ask. Let us explain. The proper amount of negative camber ensures the optimal contact patch between the tire and the road through all handling maneuvers. When front camber is outside the manufacturers specified range in the positive direction, the handling is floaty, twitchy, and generally unstable at highway speeds. While many vehicles have an adjustment for this, the front of the MQB platform does not.

The Solution: By offsetting the upper mounting point of the front struts our lift kit removes the excessive positive camber allowing proper suspension geometry and specifications.

*Color Install instructions included.*

*Upgrade to Atlas rear shock package available HERE.

*Not recommended to combine with other lifting options.


B2BFAB Lift Kit development history: 
Mid 2016- B2BFAB co-owner Arno Kissell begins planning a lifted Alltrack project build as Performance Department Manager at Smith Volkswagen.

Late 2016- The first Alltrack arrives, and the work begins to complete the project prior to the quickly approaching H20i car show. Arno designs and tests a first ever MQB prototype lift kit.

Late 2016- Arno contracted a local machine shop to utilize his design and machine the first ever MQB lift kit for the project car lovingly dubbed the "AllTheWayUpTrack". 

Early 2017- Arno shares the design with a well known, UK-based, motorsports company for large scale manufacturing. 

Late 2017- The need for a camber correcting option is realized and we go to work on designs of potential solutions.

Early 2018- To test the theory of strut offsetting, we utilized 3D printed prototypes to experiment with different offsets and thicknesses.

Mid 2019- B2BFAB 3D models the MQB Lift Kit with an offset to correct for excessive positive camber after testing many physical iterations. 

Late 2019- B2BFAB machines V1 of the camber correcting lift kit as a single, solid, 2" thick billet of aluminum. Unfortunately, this is found to be too much lift for stock MQB drivetrain components.

Early 2020- Making the decision to move to a 1.5" overall lift, it is determined that a two piece design would be most efficient and effective. This two piece design is modeled and machined to install on a vehicle for testing.

Early 2020- Testing begins on 2017, 4 motion Golf SportWagen.

Mid 2020- Testing begins on 2019, Golf Alltrack.

Mid 2020- Testing begins on B2BFAB, 2019 SEL Premium V6, 4 motion, Atlas.

Late 2020- Production begins on first publicly available version of our lift kit. 

Early 2021- First production B2BFAB MQB Camber Correcting Lift kits are released for retail sale to public